Take Action To Prevent Total Deregulation

Prevent total industry deregulation and support House Bill 2407. HB 2407 will create parity with the existing high school cosmetology education track and allow trained, competent graduates to enter the workforce sooner.  House Bill 2407 is an excellent example of common-sense occupational licensing reform for Texas.

Currently, Texans can obtain their cosmetology education through a high school vocational program at 1,000 hours of instruction or through a private cosmetology program at 1,500 hours of instruction. HB 2407 would bring the private cosmetology school hours required to 1,000, creating parity between the two education tracks. Nearly 40% of all cosmetology students in Texas are already in 1,000-hour programs through the 175 high school programs already in place.

 Along with creating parity between existing educational programs, data shows that longer cosmetology programs create greater risk for students, and delays their ability to enter the workforce and thrive in their careers. Additionally, data provided by the American Institutes for Research shows:

  • Graduation rates are not improved by more requiring more curriculum hours

  • More curriculum hours do not lead to better exam pass rates

  • Longer curriculums create greater financial risk for students

  • Longer school programs lead to higher loan debt

HB 2407 will provide greater accessibility to jobs for Texans and create uniformity between private and public cosmetology programs. Thank you for your time and consideration of common-sense licensing reforms for the soon to be cosmetologists in Texas.

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