Create a Department of Children, Youth and Families!

All Washington's children should spend their childhoods safe, healthy and learning! When children and families need help, public programs should be there with support.

That's why Children's Alliance is actively working on the historic proposal to create a unified Department of Children, Youth and Families. This is a critical opportunity to improve outcomes for all Washington's children and youth!

Tell your lawmakers to vote YES for the Department of Children, Youth, and Families!

Children's Alliance supports 4 key priorities for the Department: racial equity, accountability to outcomes for children, sufficient funding, and a continued focus on early learning.

HB 1661 restructures state government with the intention of more positive outcomes for kids and families. It brings together the different services and departments that touch kids' lives, including early learning, child welfare, and juvenile justice services. These services are currently spread out over several state agencies.

Now is the time to urge your lawmakers to vote YES.

Speak up for kids! Send your message to lawmakers now.

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