Stand Up to the Bullies: Say NO to Trump’s Deportation Machine!

Deporting millions of people isn’t cheap, and it isn’t easy.

That’s why the Trump administration has been sowing fear in our communities, spreading lies and bullying immigrants and those who support them, hoping that terrified families will “self-deport.”  

They’ve tried to deny funding to “sanctuary” jurisdictions. They’ve falsely accused those who won’t help round up immigrants of “harboring criminals.” And they’re trying to get police and county sheriffs across the country to do ICE agents’ jobs for them.

Two Massachusetts sheriffs have taken the bait: Bristol and Plymouth County already have so-called 287(g) deals that deputize their officers as ICE agents. Now the Barnstable County sheriff wants to join them.

Enough. We can’t let our law enforcement be misused like this. It’s time to fight for our communities and Massachusetts values.

Tell legislators to pass the Safe Communities Act ASAP!


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