Tell Mass. legislators to protect immigrant families!

Our best chance to get new protections for immigrants in our Commonwealth has arrived – but we need to mobilize to show overwhelming public support!

The Senate will be taking up its version of the state budget for FY2019 starting Tuesday, May 22. Sen. Jamie Eldridge's amendment #1147 would add 4 key protections for immigrants and minorities (see our handout for details). We believe the amendment has a good chance of succeeding, but we need to get as many Senators as possible to endorse it – and be ready to fight for it. We also want to make sure we defeat Senator Fattman’s amendment #1136, which would undo the protections from last year's Lunn v. Commonwealth decision.

Please call your Senator and Ways & Means Chairwoman Karen Spilka today, and encourage everyone you know to make calls as well!

Tell Senators: Immigrants in Mass. urgently need your support!

*You'll receive a call from 617-539-7340 that will provide you guidance on what to say to your officials, and then patch you through directly to them.

Thank you for contacting your legislators! Please encourage others to act by sharing on social media. You can learn more here about key protections for immigrants, based on the Safe Communities Act. 

* Hi, my name is ____ and I live in [city/town]. I'm calling today to ask the Senator to please co-sponsor Senator Eldridge’s amendment #1147 to protect immigrant families.
* I also ask you to please OPPOSE Senator Fattman’s amendment #1136, which would allow police to detain people for ICE. We can’t stop ICE from breaking up families in our state, but we should NEVER help them do it.
* Thank you for standing up for Massachusetts values!

* Hi, my name is ____ and I'm calling Senator Spilka in her capacity as Ways & Means Chairwoman. 
* I want to ask her to please support Senator Eldridge's amendment #1147 and OPPOSE Senator Fattman's amendment #1136.
* We really need her leadership to protect immigrant families in our Commonwealth. Thank you very much!

One last thing: If you get a voicemail, make sure to leave your address and a callback number.

At the end of each call, press *.