Stand Up to the Bullies: Say NO to Trump’s Deportation Machine!

Deporting millions of people isn’t cheap, and it isn’t easy.

That’s why the Trump administration has been sowing fear in our communities, spreading lies and bullying immigrants and those who support them. 

They’ve threatened “sanctuary” jurisdictions. They’ve falsely accused pro-immigrant communities of “harboring criminals.” And they’re trying to get local police and county sheriffs to do ICE agents’ jobs for them.

Enough. We can’t let the bullies wreak havoc on our Commonwealth. 

The Safe Communities Act, backed by 95 legislative cosponsors and 150 endorsing organizations, will make us ALL safer by ensuring that our law enforcement focuses on public safety, not deportations – so everyone can call 911 and speak to police without fear.

Right now the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance is trying to scare co-sponsors into dropping their support, flooding the State House with phone calls. Don’t let them succeed! 

Email your legislator today to support the bill, or even better, call their office; we need to keep up the momentum.

Tell legislators to pass the Safe Communities Act ASAP!


Thank you for contacting your legislators! Please encourage others to act by sharing on social media. You can learn more about the Safe Communities Act here.