Help Us Stop the Attack on Charter Public Schools!

Tell your elected officials to vote no for HB3567 & HB768

Representatives Chris Welch and Will Guzzardi want to deny families across Illinois access to high-quality public school options. Charter public schools came to Illinois in 1996 to provide communities with high-quality public school options because for decades the traditional public school system had failed generations of children. Representatives Welch and Guzzardi, have launched an attack on Charter Public Schools and we need your help to stop it. 

Email your legislators now and tell them to "Stop the Attack on Charter Public Schools!"


Thank you for taking action and engaging your elected representatives. It’s now more important than ever to join forces to ensure our children’s futures are not a casualty of political warfare in Springfield.

For more information on how else to get involved, email Ariel Johnson, Senior Manager of Legislative Affairs at the Illinois Network of Charter Schools (INCS),, and please share this campaign with your friends and family.