Tell the Department of Labor You Support the Proposed Rule on Tip Pooling!

The U.S. Department of Labor recently proposed to rescind the parts of the tip regulation rule that bars tip-sharing arrangements in establishments where the employers pay full federal minimum wage and do not take a tip credit against their minimum wage obligations. This proposed rule would impact all restaurants in Washington state because tip credit is illegal, and employers here pay the full minimum wage. The new proposed rule reverses the 2011 regulation that created this restriction, which has been declared illegal by several federal courts. 

You might once again be allowed to include kitchen staff, particularly dishwashers and cooks, as part of a valid tip pool. As a business owner or operator in the state of Washington, your participation is essential during the open public comment period.

By utilizing our easy outreach tool, you will be able to share your voice, perspective and comments to the U.S. Department of Labor and Secretary Alexander Acosta.

Please note that personalizing the message has a more significant impact with policymakers. Additionally, we recommend including your name, business, business location, and the number of people you employ at the beginning of your message.

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