Take Action Now On Tax Reform


As the Senate prepares to vote on its proposal, we ask you to:

  1. Contact your Senators and thank them for maintaining many of the current provisions that benefit college students, their families and public universities. Such provisions include keeping tuition waivers and the employee tuition assistance benefit tax-free.

  2. Urge their support for changes to the Senate bill to restore the tax deduction for college-age dependents and the charitable deduction to qualify to purchase athletic tickets.

  3. Ask them to support creation of a new, universal charitable deduction as part of tax reform, so that all Americans have an incentive to give back.

To read more about how the proposed tax reform measures impact the University of Tennessee, click here.

For a side-by-side comparison of the bills' higher education provisions, click here.

Note to UT Employees: This advocacy alert was sent to UT alumni, donors, and advocates.  If you are an employee of the University of Tennessee, and you contact your Senators, please clarify that you are contacting them in your individual capacity, not as an employee of the University of Tennessee.  Please also use your personal, non-UT email account.  If you have questions related to UT employee policies in this area, please email: lobbyingdisclosure@tennessee.edu.

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