Contact Your Legislators and Ask them to Act Immediately to Fix the Health Center Funding Cliff

Our collective voice and persistent advocacy in 2017 pushed Congress to provide a temporary short term funding patch for the Health Centers Program that will run through early March.  While we were fortunate to close out 2017 with this short term funding patch, we begin 2018 with even more reason to stay engaged and advocate for an immediate, long term fix for the Health Center funding cliff. There is no more room for delays, Congress must take immediate action to fix the Health Center funding cliff and protect the vital services they provide to 27 million patients. Let’s start 2018 out right, with a Health Center message that can’t be ignored or misunderstood!

Take action today! Email your Member of Congress or post to social media, tagging each Member of Congress. Demand that they resolve the health center funding cliff by providing a multi year funding extension for the Health Center Program so Health Centers can continue serving the millions of patients they care for each day. We’ve waited far too long for Congress to do their job. Our health comes first!

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