Take Action to Oppose Repeal of EPA Clean Water Rule

This Campaign has Ended. Thank you for your support!

Urgent action is needed to express opposition to the Trump administration proposal to repeal the Clean Water Rule.

We have a new tool for you to Take Action! In addition to sending an email you can use this form to send formatted tweets and facebook messages if you have a twitter handle and facebook account. Click on each icon at the top of the message at right to send an email, tweet and facebook message to EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt and tweet President Trump.

Tell them you oppose the proposed EPA roll-back of protections for streams, waterways and wetlands; water bodies that provide drinking water for more than 1 in 3 Americans, filter pollutants, capture floodwaters, and provide habitat for fish and wildlife across the nation.

EPA Chief Scott Pruitt is proposing to repeal protections for waters used for drinking, swimming, and fishing. Repealing this rule will remove protections for waters that the Clean Water Act was adopted to protect and restore. This action is not in the public's interest, especially at this time when so many water bodies are designated as "impaired". Water quality will not be restored if pollution is not targeted.

Polluters have fought the Clean Water Rule for over a decade and tried to kill it since it passed in 2015. If they succeed, they will put the drinking water sources for more than 117 million Americans at risk, along with 20 million acres of wetlands and more than half of the stream miles across the country.

These streams and wetlands are vital parts of our water infrastructure. They are the backbone of healthy communities, necessary for public health and integral to our economy. We can't let the Trump Administration gut protections of our critical resources.

Use the tools at right to take action, lets overwhelm them with opposition and protect our waters.

The deadline for comments is August 28, 2017.

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Thank you for taking action. Please pass this action alert along to others who are interested in clean water for our state and our nation.