Tell your lawmakers to invest in high-demand fields!

Too many highly qualified students competing for too few slots: That’s the charge in a recent Seattle Times report that shed a spotlight on the UW’s engineering program.

The UW has produced some of the region’s best and brightest engineering alums for generations, but for several years, demand has outpaced supply and students are being left out at time when our economy desperately needs their skills. The UW has increased engineering enrollment by 40 percent over the past seven years, but its not enough, which lead to the current construction of a new computer science and engineering building on campus.

In addition, the UW is asking the Legislature to invest $16 million to increase combined enrollment in high-demand fields across our three campuses (Bothell, Seattle and Tacoma).Ratcheting up the pressure from alumni might help lawmakers move the needle and find the funds for higher ed. Stories from engineering alums, parents of aspiring engineers and even business owners who need to hire engineers can all help illustrate why the UW can’t wait another session for the Legislature to act.


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