Join our Petition to Congress to create better commuter benefits!

To prepare for the Bike Commuter Benefit potentially being eliminated for the next decade, please sign this petition if you are interested in altering our current commuter benefits that overwhelmingly favor higher income people who drive to work in congested cities while not providing assistance to people who bike, walk, or are likely to struggle with transportation costs.

Here are some facts about current commuter tax benefits:

  • Only 7% of workers are offered tax-preferred commuter benefits
  • Workers in the top 10% of income are seven times more likely to receive benefits than those in the bottom 10%
  • 85% of the cost of commuter benefits subsidizes parking, at a cost of over $7 billion per year (about 10 times the amount spent per year on biking and walking by the federal government)
  • The Bike Commuter Benefit costs $5 million per year, or .003% of the cost of the current tax bills
  • Research suggests that current benefits lead to less walking and biking, and more driving alone.

Fixing our commuter benefit system goes beyond biking and will take help from people who don't bike. You can learn more about the Bike Commuter Benefit and other commuter tax benefits in this short presentation or watching the video of the presentation below.

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Jacob B. Springfield
Jack S. La Puente
Kevin G. Catonsville
Paul G. Kealia
Brian C. Boise
Mark G. Rockville
Daniel F. Ann Arbor
Tom D. Davenport
Jennifer H. Fairfax
Richard K. Morgan Hill
Max B. Washington
James W. Santa Barbara
Mary N. Houston
Marc E. Chagrin Falls
Jonathan M. Birmingham
Holly P. Coventry
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Carol R. Needham
Rebecca B. Jacksonville
Lauriann B. Las Vegas
Joel S. Lodi
Edgar G. Brownsville
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Terry W. Bartlett
Alicia G. South Windsor
Greg S. Germantown
Tulio B. Memphis
Jason A. Daytona Beach
Eileen T. Philadelphia
Carl D. Stillwater
robert f. Lake Forest
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Stephanie B. Minneapolis
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Tom O. New Milford
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Angela G. Portland
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