Support Our Kids. Support the Proposed Charter Regulations.

The Department of Education proposed regulatory changes for public charter schools that support the flexibility and autonomy of the schools. These regulations are balanced by increased accountability, too.

The regulatory changes cover a wide range of areas including extracurricular activities, certification for teachers, SBAs and administrators, and weighted lotteries to name a few.

It is so important for the State Board to have the backing of the charter school community and your voice is critical to informing their decision. It takes just one click to tell the State Board of Education to approve the proposed charter school regulations.

For more information about the proposed regulations, visit our Practical Guide to Understanding the Proposed Charter Regulations

Be a changemaker. Take action and contact the NJ State Board of Education today!


Thank you for believing in our children and their public charter schools! Now share your commitment and help others learn why they should reach out, too.

Hi, my name is ________________ and I am a (teacher/parent/student/grandparent) at the Barack Obama Green Charter High School.

I am calling you today to ask you to vote YES and pass the resolution for the Treelawn Project to move forward.

Please remember when you vote that this is about what is best for the students and the City of Plainfield. Please don't take opportunities away from our students.