Now Is the Time to Fight Against Private School Vouchers!


There are so many reasons to oppose vouchers: they threaten religious liberty, deprive students of rights and protections, and lack accountability. Vouchers don’t improve academic achievement and several recent studies have shown remarkably dismal results: students who used vouchers actually performed worse on standardized tests than their peers .

Now more than ever, we need you to act to remind your members of Congress and local representatives that you oppose vouchers: 

  • President Trump's budget proposal spends $250 million of taxpayer money on a private school voucher program, and would use an additional $1 billion to encourage school districts to adopt Title I portability, which is a stepping stone to school vouchers.
  • Congress is currently in the process of reauthorizing the District of Columbia voucher program, which is the only federally funded voucher program in the country.
  • The story is no different across the states. State legislators have already introduced bills to create or expand vouchers in dozens of states across the country.

Please take a moment to contact your U.S. Senators, U.S. Representative, and state legislators today and tell them you want them to oppose any bills that would authorize private school vouchers.



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