The Arctic Needs Your Help: Ask Senator Collins to Right Her Wrong!

Late last Friday night, the Senate passed a tax bill - a big win for corporations at the expense of the American people. The bill included a provision buried deep within it to open the pristine Arctic Refuge to oil and gas drilling.

Drilling in the Arctic Refuge will cause widespread pollution and harm to the wildlife and people who call this place home. The Arctic Refuge is a national treasure and asset, and we have a moral obligation to preserve this pristine place for future generations. 

Sign here to express your disappointment to Senator Collins and urge her to protect our natural legacy by working to remove this damaging language before the tax bill becomes law.

credit to: Peter Mather

Dear Senator Collins: We are disappointed in your vote on the tax bill. We urge you to protect our natural legacy by working to make sure the final bill does not allow oil and gas exploration in the pristine Arctic Refuge.

Susan Schwan
Patrick Cobb
Jane Katz
C.J. Meserve
Meredith Sells
Susan Daley
Jessica Shropshire
Susan Kepner
Dean Mills
Lynn Tolson
Sherry Treworgy
Patricia Dougherty
Roger Green
Bonnie Jones
Linda Sanborn
Harry Wright
Sarah gilliar
Stephen Brandon
Mark Abb
Kenneth Ryan
Gail Witherill
Deborah Doughty
Robert Allen
Linnette Erhart
Sandra Donahue
Rob Center
Bryan Wells
James Baranski
Stephanie Scherr
Jill Fogg
Raymond LeClair
Pat Moynahan
Melissa Allen
Carol Tichy
Elizabeth Faunce
Janet Doyle
Aisha Saidi
Dawn DiBlasi
Lidie Robbins
Jane Donelon
Steve MvcLean
Douglas Wilson
Diane Sanderson
Diane Gilman
Will Blake
Suzanne Hedrick
Starr Gilmartin
Catherine Morse
Theresa Therrien
Nancy Dodge