Contact Your Senators and Let Them Know it is Time to Fix the Funding Cliff
The Community Health Center Fund expired on October 1, significantly impacting community health centers across the Dakotas and across the nation. As a result, health centers are facing a second month of uncertainty and chaos as a result of Congress’ inaction.
This uncertainty is translating into real impacts for community health centers, their patients and the communities they serve. Health centers are already seeing indirect impacts such as staff losses, challenges with recruiting and delayed plans for future growth. If the funding cliff is not fixed, those impacts will magnify and health centers will be forced to cut services and even close sites, resulting in lost patient access to care, as well as a negative impact on local communities and economies.
The House has voted to fix the cliff; now it is the Senate's turn to act. Contact your Senators today and tell them that time is running out. Each day that passes creates more uncertainty for health centers and a greater risk that thousands of patients across the Dakotas could lose access to health care.
Email your Senators today and urge them to take action now. It is past time to fix the funding cliff.







Contact your Senators today and urge them to take action on health center funding!


Thank you for adding your voice to the chorus of health care advocates supporting the work and mission of community health centers across the Dakotas. We appreciate you taking the time to contact your Senators to urge them to act now to extend the Community Health Center Fund.

Thank you!