Support Music Licensing Reform for Legacy Artists!

There are currently two important bills – one in the House and one in the Senate – that will help us achieve music licensing reform for legacy artists.

Supporting the Music Modernization Act (H.R.5447) in the House and the CLASSICS Act (S.2393) in the Senate will guarantee legacy artists are protected by federal copyright laws and fairly compensated for the contributions they’ve made to our lives.

Some recordings transcend generations and genres. We call them “the classics” and they’re more than just music. They’re part of who we are – forever linked to some of our most important memories.

Unfortunately, a loophole in outdated U.S. Copyright Law has enabled many music platforms to forget about valuing “the classics” – diminishing the hard work of legacy artists whose sound recordings were created before 1972. Legacy artists have spent decades fighting for equal treatment, waiting for Congress to remember them.

Why? Because sound recordings weren’t protected by federal copyright law until 1972, leaving most legacy artists – the music creators behind Motown, Jazz, the Blues and Rock and Roll – out in the cold.

The good news is that the bipartisan legislation in both the House and Senate would make sure legacy artists responsible for our most iconic sound recordings aren’t forgotten. Contact Congress today to ask them to support music licensing reform legislation for legacy artists.

Add Your Voice to The Chorus of Support: Urge Congress to Pass the House's Music Modernization Act and the Senate's CLASSICS Act!


Thank you for supporting legacy artists and encouraging your elected officals to join this bipartisan effort to #ValueMusic!