Congress: take action to maintain protections for undocumented youth!

Bipartisan legislation has been introduced in the House and Senate (S.128/H.R.496) that would maintain protections for the approximately 750,000 young undocumented recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA). 

Send a message to your Representative and Senators today to demonstrate your support for DACA recipients and ask them to cosponsor the BRIDGE Act!

Since 2012, the DACA program has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of undocumented youth by freeing them to come out of the shadows and live up to their God-given potential. They are able to work and drive legally, and live day to day without fear of being deported. DACA recipients are integral members of our country. The termination of this program would have devastating impacts on the people we love, our communities, and our economy. It would make over 750,000 youth suddenly at risk of unemployment and deportation.

The BRIDGE Act, or Bar Removal of Individuals Who Dream of Growing Our Economy, is bipartisan legislation that would allow those who currently have DACA status and those eligible for the program to continue living and working in the United States with permission from the US government.

Congress need to hear your support for this community and legislation. Send a message to your Representative and Senators to share your support and ask them to cosponsor this bipartisan bill that will ensure DACA recipients will not lose their protections overnight.

While we advocate for continued protections for DACA recipients, we also recognize the blessing that all other immigrants are to the US and we urge Congress to enact more just immigration laws.

For more information on the BRIDGE Act, click here.


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Urge Your Senators to Cosponsor the BRIDGE Act!

*You'll receive a call from 202-851-9284 that will provide you guidance on what to say to your officials, and then patch you through directly to them.

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“My name is [your name] and I’m your constituent from [City, State]. I support the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. DACA has provided the opportunity for nearly one million young people to pursue their dreams and it is now at risk. Ending DACA runs counter to who we are as a nation, and does not reflect the welcome for immigrants I see every day in my community. I urge you to do everything in your power to see this announcement reversed, and to stand in solidarity with undocumented youth.”