Urgent: Email Legislators! SB547, Dedicated Funding Bill, Introduced!

CCEA is leading the effort to pass legislation that would create a dedicated funding stream related to salary advancement. Senator Aaron D. Ford, Senate Majority Leader, has committed to sponsor an emergency bill. This bill would require school districts to reserve money to pay licensed professionals upon completion of their professional growth salary plan. Legislators need to hear from you. Send an email today!

Salary Incentive for Professional Growth

Senate Majority Leader Aaron Ford is sponsoring emergency legislation, SB547, that provides an incentive for a credentialed teacher to complete the rigors of additional professional development. This bill focuses on retaining teachers to the profession and after completing an ongoing professional growth plan approved by their administrator and the school district, rewards them financially. This bill specifically focuses on retention incentives for educators in at Title I at risk buildings and does not have a fiscal note. 

  • There are over 500 vacancies in CCSD. A significant number of these vacancies are in at-risk schools and leave thousands of students without a qualified educator in the classroom. This bill will ensure that those schools recruit and retain quality educators invested in their own professional growth.
  • SB547 is critical to the recruitment and retention efforts for at-risk schools with the highest vacancies where students need highly effective educators and administrators. 
  • Over 1,300 teachers have left the school district since the start of the school year. 
  • Today’s classroom is changing all the time and for educators to be highly effective to meet the challenge of educating students, they have to continuously be engaged in ongoing professional development to improve their practice.  
  • To make sure their practice is in alignment with student growth plans, CCEA has embraced a professional growth salary incentive system that requires educators to develop professional growth plans in alignment with the Nevada Educators Performance Framework that is focused on centers around student needs.  
  • SB547 requires that licensed professionals, i.e. educators and administrators who elect to improve their practice with ongoing professional development, training, and education at their own expense and time shall be compensated on a professional growth salary system.  
  • The professional growth plan to achieve salary compensation is based on the NEPF’s evaluation system which requires annually that a licensed professional develop a growth plan for their student’s needs.  
  • This bill requires school districts to reserve money to pay licensed professionals upon completion of their professional growth salary plan; similar to AB483 in the 2015 Session that developed a pay for performance plan.

Read the bill language here: 


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