Tell Congress to keep wind power growing and honor their commitment to U.S. veterans

If passed, the House language on Tax Reform would cut in half the amount of new wind power forecast to be installed in the U.S. through 2020. Congress made an agreement in 2015 to phase out the wind Production Tax Credit and now they are reneging on that deal. 

No American job is safe if Congress can change the terms of business contracts years after agreements are signed and billions of dollars are spent. Changing the rules in the middle of the game would be disastrous for American workers building wind turbines and farmers and ranchers harvesting the wind.

Please help by contacting your House representative and Senators and demanding they keep the wind energy tax reform deal that was already agreed to in 2015.  
Some representatives have stood up for wind workers by signing letters and making statements. If your representative is one of those in support, your message will express appreciation for their efforts.

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