Tell Congress to Enact the Dream Act of 2017 and Protect Immigrant Youth!

President Trump terminated the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, turning our nation’s back on undocumented immigrant youth who are valued members of our communities. The consequences of repealing DACA are immediate, devastating, and profound. No new DACA applications are being considered, and current DACA recipients are already seeing their protections revoked. DACA has protected nearly 800,000 immigrant youth from deportation and allowed them to work, attend school, and raise a family. DACA’s termination puts these lives at risk, threatens the sanctity of family unity, and jeopardizes our communities and economy.

This is why we must urge Congress to pass the bipartisan Dream Act legislation now. Advocating for the Dream Act (S. 1615 / H.R. 3440) is putting the faithful call to love our neighbors into action. Congress must hear from us this week and every week until Congress passes a clean Dream Act with a pathway to citizenship.

Urge your representatives to pass a Clean Dream Act now!

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As your constituent from [City, State], I support the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and strongly oppose President’s Trump’s announcement to end it. DACA has provided nearly 800,000 immigrant youth the opportunity to work, raise a family, and pursue their dreams. I urge you to support a clean passage of the Dream Act of 2017 (S.1615/H.R.3440) by January 19th and to do everything in your power to protect immigrant youth.