Tell the Michigan House that You Oppose Anti-Immigrant Bills!

Two concerning bills (HB 4105 and 4334) have passed out of committee and are on their way to the House for a vote.

Among other concerns, these bills would:

  • Prohibit local municipalities from passing “welcoming cities” policies,
  • Pressure state and local law enforcement to serve as immigration enforcement officers,
  • Encourage racial profiling
  • Punish local police for adopting policies that limit cooperation between local law enforcement and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers

 Further information about the bill is now available on the Michigan Legislature website, and the text can be found here.

 The OSJ is concerned that these bills break down crucial trust between vulnerable immigrants and local law enforcement, encourage racial profiling, and take away local police departments’ rights to set their own public safety priorities. It would also cost our state money, as it opens the door to costly lawsuits and drains the resources of local communities. And moreover, it puts more resources toward deporting immigrants, which separates families and harms the health of our churches and neighborhoods.

 Scripture calls us to welcome the stranger, to honor the dignity of every human being, and to stand up for those who are marginalized. The CRCNA has experienced many blessings that immigrants, regardless of their status, bring to our communities, churches, and personal lives. We invite you to speak up for justice in Michigan today.

 Tell your State Representatives that Michigan supports policies that empower local police to build trust with immigrants.

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Tell the Michigan House that You Oppose Anti-Immigrant Legislation!

*You'll receive a call from 616-947-3069 that will provide you guidance on what to say to your officials, and then patch you through directly to them.

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My name is [state your name] from [City, State]. I’m calling to oppose the “Sanctuary City Prohibition Act”. Everyone’s rights, including U.S. citizens, would be harmed by this legislation. It would dismantle policies that have established trust between police and the community and it will cost our state money. This legislation is a moral failure, that would harm families and hurt our Michigan communities.