Let People Know the Trump Administration IS NOT Taking Action on Canceling Obama's Immigration Orders

Let's all work together to support President Trump's immigration promises. FAIR laid out our immigration reform blueprint before the election and will monitor the Trump administration's progress.

Promise #5 - Cancel Unconstitutional Executive Orders & Enforce All Immigration Laws

Our performance measures: Executive orders or directives that suspend various Obama-administration-era programs that provide residency, jobs and benefits without legal authority (including DACA/DAPA). Reassert the obligations of the president to carry out the immigration laws as written, not as he/she would like them to be.

Status: Despite promising to end DACA on day one President Trump has not taken action to rescind the DACA permits granted. Additionally, the Trump administration is renewing DACA status and giving DACA to new applicants.

Holdup: President Trump.



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