Tell President Trump #NoWashingtonExemption for Congress!

Why should Americans suffer when Congress doesn't? ​Congress is essentially unaffected by the high costs of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) exchanges because of a special exemption.
If President Trump is sincere about wanting a serious effort at repeal and reform of health care, he must tell Congress that he will be ending their special exemption, and that the ACA will apply to Congress and all their staff the same as it does to all other Americans on the exchanges, as the law intended. 
Nothing would create a greater incentive than personal skin in the game to genuine healthcare reform that will actually:
  • lower costs
  • ​offer more choices
  • ​have universal coverage - ​coverage all for people with pre-existing conditions
  • put patients back in control of their healthcare decisions
  • and deliver the real reforms that voters expected to see when they voted in this President and Congress

It's about fairness, not politics. Congress shouldn't be exempt from their own laws.

Tell President Trump to level the playing field - End the special ACA exemption for Congress and the double standard they have set for the rest of Americans' health care!


It's Not Fair. Demand Congress Abide By Their Own Laws!

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Ending the special perk funded by taxpayers may represent the only ​way we will get real healthcare reform​ that​​ delivers lower costs​, more choices​, provides ​​protection for those with pre-existing conditions​, and ​put patients back in control of their healthcare decisions​.

Hi X, I'm calling today to urge President Trump to end Congress' Affordable Care Act special exemption. 
If Congress won't work together to pass a bipartisan healthcare bill, Americans shouldn't continue to suffer when Congress doesn't. 
Congress, both Members and staffers, are not above the law. It's time to end their Affordable Care Act exemption.  
This is about fairness, not politics. Congress shouldn't be exempt from their own laws.
We urge President Trump to make healthcare reform a priority for Congress by stripping their special treatment and forcing them to experience the Affordable Care Act like the rest of us. 
Thank you.