Take Action To Prevent Total Deregulation

The Ohio Salon Association will be introducing legislation during the 2017 session that will address over burdensome cosmetology licensing laws. The legislation will:

  • Focus on student success in entering the beauty industry with less debt and ability to repay student loans.

  • Facilitate workforce development pipeline for salons.

  • Foster entrepreneurship making it easier for licensed professionals to start their own businesses.

Common, sensible licensing standards are crucial to sustainable growth for our industry and protecting public safety. The Ohio Salon Association’s reform package is a strong example of reasonable legislation that directly addresses concerns of over-regulation of state-mandated occupational licensing. This reform package will create meaningful changes to archaic cosmetology licensing laws that desperately need reform. To support these reforms, the Future of the Beauty Industry Coalition has sponsored independent third-party research to study student financial issues and cosmetology licensure reforms, and gain insights into the key performance metrics of programs in states with varying hours required for cosmetology licensing.

Support for cosmetology reform will provide greater accessibility to jobs for Ohioans and encourage consistency by joining other states throughout the country with less restrictive regulations for occupational licensing. Take action by reaching out to your legislator to protect our industry from total deregulation!

If you live in Ohio, please take action today by taking these steps: 1) Fill out your contact information 2) Click to send an email to you legislator 3) Click to tweet @ legislators from your twitter account 4) Click to post to your legislator's Facebook walls


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Contact Bridget Sharpe, PBA Government Affairs Manager, with any questions: bridget@probeauty.org

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