Tell Your Rep.: Support solar job growth in SC

Currently, South Carolina law states that no more than 2 percent of the state's electricity production can come from solar panels on people's homes.

This cap on rooftop solar presents a major threat to the future growth of South Carolina's booming solar energy market. In fact, if we don’t lift this cap soon, solar companies will run into a wall… as soon as this year.

Countless good-paying jobs and billions in investments would be lost to other states. Electricity bills would skyrocket. South Carolina would fall even further behind our neighbors in building a clean energy economy that keeps power rates low and puts people to work.

H.4421 would fix this problem by eliminating caps on residential solar energy use, making a number of other solar improvements, and giving customers continued access to residential solar energy at fair prices.

Tell your Representative that you support H.4421 because you want to maintain access to solar energy options and help create clean energy jobs.

Support solar growth in SC


Thank you for urging your Representative to pass H.4421 and remove caps on solar energy growth in South Carolina! Please encourage others to do the same by sharing on social media.