Say "Yes" to Express!

Nearly 30 years ago, Express F service was suspended in Brooklyn. As a result, we have some of the longest commutes in the city. Restoring F Express service to Brooklyn would save more time than any other express service in the city.


What Brooklyn's Leaders are Saying:


Assemblymember Pamela Harris, 46th District

"My constituents face some of the longest commutes in the entire city, and they deserve better transportation options. By restoring F Express service, the MTA will be taking an important first step to addressing this inequity."



Councilman Mark Treyger, 47th District

"Residents in Southern Brooklyn will enjoy a better quality of life with restored F express train service. I call on the MTA to give my constituents access to a faster commute with less frequent delays."



Alexandra Silversmith, Executive Director, Alliance for Coney Island

"The Alliance for Coney Island strongly supports better transportation options for Brooklyn commuters, and the MTA’s proposal makes clear that restored F Express service will significantly improve the commute for thousands of residents. We urge the MTA to implement F Express service as soon as possible."

Support better F train service in Brooklyn, and keep New York moving!


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