Kids deserve great preschool!

Every child deserves a great start in the first five years of life. The Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP) is quality preschool that’s good for kids, parents and schools. But right now, some kids in Washington State are spending their early years on waiting lists for ECEAP, and missing out on early experiences that can help them thrive in life and school.

Tell Washington lawmakers to invest in ECEAP and give kids a great childhood!

Washington has some of the highest child-care (including preschool) costs in the nation. That means some kids, disproportionately kids in low-income families and children of color, miss out on early experiences in preschool that can help them have a great childhood and thrive in kindergarten. ECEAP is proven to help kids succeed in school. It provides equitable access to high-quality, culturally responsive preschool.

Quality preschool helps kids to reach their full potential in school and in life. This year, Washington State lawmakers can invest in quality and access, making sure more children can enroll and that providers can recruit and retain highly qualified early childhood educators.

When high-quality preschool is out of reach, our lawmakers need to make a change.

Speak up for kids and preschool! Send your message to lawmakers now.

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