Join Us in Saying Thanks

The UT Board of Trustees has approved a budget that holds tuition increases to historic lows across all UT undergraduate campuses. The 1.8 percent increase marks the third consecutive year of tuition increases of 3 percent or lower, a track record that is unprecedented in the history of the University of Tennessee system. Trustees also approved historically low fee increases at all campuses.

These historically low increases are a result of an important partnership between the University, the Governor, and our Tennessee General Assembly. UT President Joe DiPietro has made the affordability of a UT degree a top priority, all while addressing a forecasted budget gap of $377 million by 2025. Such budget gaps are not unique to the University of Tennessee and exist for many colleges and universities around the nation. What is unique, though, are UT's efforts to address the gap without passing the burden to tuition-paying students and families. This commitment requires UT to continue to find efficiencies and cost savings. The Tennessee General Assembly and Gov. Bill Haslam have been key partners in providing better-than-forecasted appropriations to make these low increases a reality.

Please join us in thanking our elected officials who helped make this possible. Together, we can convey our thanks for these efforts that, when coupled together, go a long way in helping Tennessee students and their families.  Tuition can be a topic of increasing legislative scrutiny, and UT is proud to lead efforts focused on maximizing resources and improving access to a UT degree. 

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