We don't need more oil barge parking in the Hudson River!
This gasoline barge ran aground in Catskill, NY in early April.
Photo: U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer 1st Class LaNola Stone

Last June, at the request of the shipping industry, the U.S. Coast Guard announced 10 potential new anchorage sites that would change the Hudson River forever. These resting points, located between Yonkers and Kingston, would be built for commercial vessels that transport hazardous crude oil and petroleum products. After local officials, community groups, and organizations like ours raised our voices against this plan, our legislature found a way to fight back.

Assembly Bill 6825/Senate Bill 5197 would strengthen the state's ability to regulate where oil barge anchorages should be sited, and would make environmental reviewsstandard before permitting oil barges on our state's navigable waters.

Commercial barges shipping volatile crude oil and petroleum products pose a serious risk to a river--not only can barges run aground, as happened in April, an anchored boat containing these hazardous materials could catch fire or spill toxic fuel in the river, which could take decades to clean. Help support efforts to take back some control over oil barge anchorage sites on our iconic Hudson River. Tell your state legislators to support A6825/S5197!



background photo: Chris Lewis, flickr

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