Fund Community Health Centers in the CR!


Health Center Friends,

We have been over the funding cliff since September 30th, but Congress has not acted.

By Friday, December 22nd they must address many critical funding issues in order to avoid a government shut-down. Several of these issues are controversial and could create more delays because of lack of agreement. 

Health Centers are not controversial - and have a 50-year history of bipartisan support. Congress needs to end the uncertainty and chaos they have caused for health centers and our patients by acting now!

Contact your House Member and your Senator today to urge them to "Fix The Cliff" by adding funding for health centers into the next bill that will get a vote - the Continuing Resolution. We can't afford another delay!


Thanks for standing up for health centers. We must keep up the pressure, so Congress will understand the urgency, and finally do something.

Please encourage your friends and family to join our efforts so we can create a chorus loud enough to break through the rest of the noise. Call often and share on your social media to get others to do the same.

Your voice matters! Together, our voices are loud and strong. Let's keep it up!

Your HCP Advocacy Team