Take the #HPMKT pledge against discrimination!

High Point Market Showroom and Exhibitor 

Pledge Against Discrimination

“A thriving business environment depends on inclusive practices that welcome all who want to participate.”
~ American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) ~

      As a business owner, I pledge not to support or tolerate any form of discrimination nor any law promoting or sanctioning actions that could lead to discrimination on any individual, group, customer or employee.  By signing this pledge I am acknowledging that our business is 100% committed to providing anyone or group with an environment that is free from discrimination and promotes inclusivity. 

     By taking this pledge, you are committing to display the “Design is our business, Not Discrimination” yellow placard in your showroom, business, or exhibitor space during and beyond High Point Market. Upon filling in the requisite information to the right, you will be emailed a link to print the placard.