Support a Comprehensive, Long-term Plan

Thank you for participating in Turnout for Transportation. Tonight’s event is the first time this many local government officials from around the state, along with members of the business community and the public, have met on one topic.  It is no surprise this first-of-its-kind event would be on transportation.

Wisconsin’s transportation system – from its town and county roads, city streets and interstates to its public transportation systems, ports, airports and rail lines – is something we all rely on every day.  And it is the foundation on which Wisconsin businesses run and hopefully thrive.

On September 29th, you heard stories from local officials about their struggles to keep up with basic road maintenance or to provide other transportation services. Maybe, you heard from a business person concerned deteriorating road conditions will limit the ability of the business to reliably meet customer demands. And you may have heard from a community with a project that is facing indefinite delays and the effect this would have on safety and economic development in the region.

The purpose of Turnout for Transportation and the Just Fix It campaign is to continue a statewide dialogue about the condition of Wisconsin’s infrastructure and the impact on Wisconsin residents and businesses.

Please take a moment to keep the discussion going and to urge the governor and your legislators to work together to find a long-term, sustainable solution to Wisconsin’s transportation challenge.  

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Thank you.