Tell Mayor Durkan 2018 is the Year of the Missing Link!

It’s a new year and we need to show our new mayor, Jenny Durkan, our support and commitment to breaking ground in 2018. We'll need her help to get it done! 

You know the story. The community has fought hard to complete the Missing Link of the Burke-Gilman Trail for decades.

There is real potential to start building this year, and Mayor Durkan is in a perfect position to close the deal! 

Let's make sure our new mayor knows that there is broad community support for moving forward as soon as possible.

Use this easy tool to send her a note today; please feel free to personalize the message to include your experiences riding on or advocating for the Missing Link.


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Every voice counts: Make sure you are a part of getting this project across the finish line!


Thank you for speaking up and for continuing to fight for the Missing Link! This project could not happen without you.