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The Endangered Species Act is helping to save more than 1,600 U.S. plants, fish, and animal species from extinction so they will continue to be a part of our children's and grandchildren's worlds. This benchmark conservation law has saved the bald eagle, gray whale, grizzly bear, and many others and has a whopping 99 percent success record at preventing the extinction of listed species.

In spite of the success of this law and the urgent need for the protections it provides, Congress has taken aim at it with more than two dozen pieces of legislation that would weaken it. Bills that would transfer Endangered Species Act listing decisions from scientists to politicians, legislatively delist wolves, and block courts from reviewing these actions.

Please sign the petition to tell Congress that you support the Endangered Species Act and oppose any efforts to weaken it.


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The Endangered Species Act is the benchmark by which other nations measure efforts to prevent extinction. It boasts a remarkable 99% success record and enjoys wide bipartisan support.

The Endangered Species Act has helped to prevent the extinction of our nation's symbol, the bald eagle, the grizzly bear, gray whale, peregrine falcon, and many other species. It is a critical tool in ensuring that the nation we leave for our children is not one without the plants, fish, and animals that we share space with today.

Please maintain the Endangered Species Act in its current form and oppose any attempts to weaken, update, modernize, or reauthorize this vital conservation law.

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