Speak Up for Civil Dialogue!

This past legislative session, Representative Gilda Cobb-Hunter  was met with unwanted physical contact from a colleague. We cannot accept a culture where a woman or man who speaks up is treated this way.

Join us in telling Speaker Jay Lucas we will not accept a political culture where women who speak up are met with aggression or violence.

South Carolina has one of the lowest percentages of women in a state legislature -- 14.5% in the House and 8.6% in the Senate. For the few and fierce females in office, we need to stand in support of them when they are being silenced or met with aggression.

This petition is proudly signed by

Heidi D.
Alexandra S.
Carol H.
Diana P.
Jessica L.
Carol T.
Tina F.
Monika C.
Amanda F.
Madelyn M.
Diane S.
K. C.
Suzanne B.
Dan J.
Kimberly M.
A R.
Michael L.
Natalie B.
Susi G.
Amelia H.
Debora L.
Tonnia S.
Robin D.
Melissa-Anne C.
JaNaye B.
Ana C.
elena g.
Frances A.
Gail F.
joelle r.
Maxine T.
Maegan G.
Laura C.
Linda r.
Karin S.
Paula F.
Roberta G.
Angela G.
Catherine I.
Patti R.
Carlos L.
Anna H.
Rita C.
Donna M.
Katherine C.
Janet W.
Danielle H.
Ruth R.
Cary W.
Randi S.
This petition will be sent to Speaker Jay Lucas.