Save Facilities Funding for Charter Schools!

This week, Congress will move to resolve the differences between the tax bills passed separately by the Senate and the House of Representatives – and the charter school community needs to act now to ensure that the tax-exempt facilities bonds and tax credits that the Senate protects make it through to the final version of the bill.

The U.S. House of Representatives eliminated Private Activity Bonds (PABs), New Market Tax Credits (NMTCs) and Qualified Zone Activity Bonds (QZABs) – the tools that are the foundation of charter school facility financing and allow students who attend charter schools to have access to safe school buildings.

Contact your members of Congress and ask them to reach out to their colleagues on the conference committee that will resolve the differences between the two tax bills. Your members of Congress need to know how important these programs are to the students and families that they represent, so please act now!

Contact your members of Congress to protect charter school facilities funding


Thank you for helping save facilities funding for Charter Schools. Please encourage others to act by sharing on social media.