Defend your Rights to Protect Your Community

You and your neighbors’ rights to protect your community are at risk.

Currently, if you believe a permit is incorrectly issued by the government, you have the right to raise these concerns before any work can occur under the permit.

The Automatic Stay prevents that work from starting by acting as a pause button that prevents harm from occurring while a challenge to a permit is considered.

However, special interests are working to take away your rights by weakening the Automatic Stay. S.105 would allow construction to occur on a project BEFORE that project receives its permits, short-circuiting the permitting process and putting the air, land, and water of South Carolina at risk.

Our government should be making it easier for you to have your voices heard – not harder.

Tell your Representative you oppose S.105 and that you want to protect the Automatic Stay.

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Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME]

I'm a constituent in your district and I'm calling to ask that you vote "NO" on H. 3529 when it comes to a full House vote this week.

This bill would prevent our community from making independent decisions and choosing the best local solution for plastic pollution.

Pleae do the right thing for our community and vote "NO" on H. 3529.

Thank you for your time.