California Likely To Wind Up Legislative Session With A Flurry Of Bad Bills

The end of the California legislative session is rapidly approaching and, with it, a push to pass SB 54, which expands California’s dangerous sanctuary law. This bill makes it nearly impossible for state and local law enforcement to cooperate with federal immigration officials and allows criminal aliens (even those with lengthy records that have been convicted of the most serious crimes) to escape immigration enforcement. 

SB 54 Threatens Public Safety

  • Supporters claim SB 54 is needed to prevent the “tragedy” of families being torn apart but ignore the tragic and permanent loss by families who have lost loved ones to violent criminal aliens.
  • SB 54 endangers federal immigration personnel by both stretching their limited resources and making it far more likely that arrests will have to be made on the streets rather than in the relative safety and controlled environments of jails and other public facilities. ICE has just 20,000 employees, only half of whom are dedicated to the apprehension and removal of illegal aliens. The cooperation of state and local law enforcement, which number about 900,000 strong nationwide, is vital to ferreting out those among us who wish to cause us harm.
  • SB 54 shields criminal aliens. The result of this bill is that dangerous criminal aliens (including drug dealers and known gang members) will be released back into our communities without any communication with federal immigration authorities.

Take Action Today: Contact your Assembly Member and tell him/her to oppose SB 54. Urge your Assembly Member not to shield these criminal aliens and put the community in harm’s way. Public safety must be the top priority and SB 54 moves California in the wrong direction.


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