Support the Expansion of Speer Academy!


Parents and community members are coming together to call on Alderman Mitts to support the expansion of Speer Academy - so that more children from the 37th Ward can access a great public school in their community.

Speer is a Level 1+ school providing a first class STEM education to 800 students. As a result of its high performance and excellent reputation in the community, demand for seats at the school is very high. This school year there were over 2,000 applications for just 150 freshman seats.


This modest expansion would allow 300 more students to attend Speer - and the construction is at no cost to taxpayers. Alderman Mitts has consistently supported Speer in the past - now we need her to continue to stand with parents and families and help 300 more students become the doctors, engineers, and scientists of tomorrow.

Take action to join hundreds of other parents by to urge Alderman Mitts to act now to support the Speer expansion.

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Thanks for standing up to help every child in Chicago get a quality education.

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Live Call Script:  Say: Hi, is Alderman Mitts available?   ONCE ON THE LINE WITH ALDERMAN OR STAFF REPRESENTATIVE: Introduce yourself: Hi my name is ______ and I am a parent of ________ who attends Speer Academy High School. I want to thank Alderman Mitts for her support of Speer Academy and its expansion.  As a resident of [insert Ward # here], I was extremely frustrated by the lack of quality schools that were available to my child. While I will be forever grateful that [child’s name] is able to attend Speer Academy,  there are hundreds more waiting for the same opportunity as [him/her]. I chose Speer Academy because [PARENT TO DESCRIBE WHAT THEY LIKE MOST ABOUT SPEER AND WHY THEY CHOSE IT. EXAMPLES COULD INCLUDE STEM PROGRAMS, EXTRACURRICULARS, TEACHER AND STAFF SUPPORT, ETC.] The expansion of Speer Academy means that many children in my neighborhood will now have the chance to attend a school of their choice It’s heartwarming to know that we have elected officials like Alderman Mitts on our side supporting progress in our neighborhoods. IF ANSWERING MACHINE Leave the following message:     “Hi my name is ______ and I am a parent of ________ who attends ITW David Speer Academy High School.” I’m calling to thank Alderman Mitts for supporting the Speer Academy’s expansion. I live in Ward 37 and her support means alot to me and our community. Without champions like Alderman Mitts who prioritize the future of Chicago’s children, my [child/children] would not be able to experience a quality education. I cannot thank you enough for your support. I appreciate that elected officials like you, Alderman Mitts, for prioritizing our community and our schools.