Require AVs to 'see' bicyclists and pedestrians

On March 19th, an autonomous vehicle hit and killed a pedestrian in Tempe, AZ, as she was walking her bicycle across the street. While we don't know the details of this particular crash.  The League is concerned that automated vehicles need more testing to first prove their ability to recognize and respond to people biking and walking in our streets. 

Regardless of the details of this crash, recent articles in IEEE Spectrum and in Slate magazine report that detecting bicyclists is one most difficult problems Automated Driving Systems (ADS) technology faces, and testing for bicyclists lags behind other ADS technology tests. 

When human drivers apply for a driver’s license we have to pass a vision test. The League believes that all automated driving systems should first have to pass a "vision test" as well — requiring a safety performance standard determined and regulated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Association— proving their ability to recognize and respond to people bicycling and walking, before they are on community streets.

Right now the Senate is considering S. 1885: AV START Act to set guidelines for automated vehicle manufacturers to test their vehicles on our streets.

Please join the League in asking Senators to require AVs to pass a vision test proving they can see bicyclists and pedestrians.





Please join the League in asking Senators to require automated vehicles to pass a government regulated vision test and prove they can detect and respond to all users of our roadways, including bicyclists and pedestrians.


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