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Scripture teaches that immigrants are made in the image of God and that a faithful response to a stranger is to extend welcome. In the Bible, strangers are often used by God to bring blessing. I have experienced the blessing that immigrants bring to the U.S., my community, the church, and my life.

So when I hear immigrants described as burdens, I’m committed to change the conversation -- whether in my home, my church, or my congressional district. I commit to speak the truth: Immigrants are a blessing, not a burden.


I call on my U.S. congressional representative to

  • speak in ways that reflect the economic, social, and spiritual blessings that immigrants bring to the U.S. I will not remain silent about language that portrays immigrants as “takers,” dangerous, or burdensome to my community or to the country as a whole.

  • enact immigration policy that respects the dignity of immigrants, and the blessing they bring to the United States. Immigration policy must

    • keep families together.

    • establish a path to citizenship for those who qualify and wish to become permanent residents.

    • adjust the number of visas given to immigrant-dependent industries.

    • enforce laws humanely.

    • be rooted in the truth that immigrants are a blessing, not a burden.

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Sign and share the pledge

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