Contact Your Members of Congress and Ask them to Act Immediately to Fix the Health Center Funding Cliff

Your voice is more critical than ever! We have now passed the September 30th deadline for Congress to fix the Health Center Funding Cliff – but the fight is not yet over, and rest assured, your advocacy is working. Although Congress has yet to fix the Health Center Funding Cliff in addition to scheduled expirations of other key programs critical to health centers and the patients they serve, Health Center Champions in both the House and Senate continue to take steps toward a fix to our cliff. As advocates, now is the time to recommit to staying engaged and prepare for the work ahead.

Today we are asking you contact your Members of Congress IMMEDIATELY to ask them to take the following actions:

#1: Ask Your Representative to Cosponsor H.R. 3770, the Community Health Investment, Modernization & Excellence (CHIME) Act of 2017, led by Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY).

#2: Ask Your Senators to Cosponsor S. 1899 led by Senators Roy Blunt (R-MO) and Debbie Stabenow (D-MI).

Remind your Members of Congress that health centers are a cost-effective, local solution to a national health care challenge: ensuring every American has access to high-quality, cost effective, and comprehensive primary and preventive care. Tell them that if these funds are allowed to expire at the end of the current fiscal year, the impact would be devastating for your health center and for the more than 25 million patients health centers serve. 

ACT NOW by sending your Members of Congress an email or by posting on Facebook and Twitter.

El financiamiento de los centros de salud está en riesgo. Es esencial que cada miembro de la junta directiva, empleado, paciente y apoyador pase la acción y suba el volumen. Tenemos que exigir que el Congreso pase la acción y continúe el financiamiento de los centros de salud, protegiendo los servicios que ofrecen a 27 millones de pacientes. Esta semana, publique en los medios sociales y envíe correos electrónicos a ambosSenadores y su Representativo en Congreso, exigiendo acción en este problema. Haga que el Congreso tenga que hacernos caso. Use el formulario abajo para pasar la acción. 

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