Tell Senator Collins: Protect the Arctic Refuge and Oppose the Senate Tax Bill!


Senator Collins recently voted the right way in the budget fight on one of the biggest environmental issues of recent decades—the fight over whether to open Alaska’s Arctic Refuge to oil drilling.

Unfortunately, the fight is not over. The fate of the arctic is now tied to the fate of the tax plan. The Senate tax bill would mandate oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, one of our most iconic and spectacular outdoor areas.

The Arctic Refuge is a national treasure and asset, and we have a moral obligation to preserve this pristine place for future generations. 

Tell Senator Collins: Please Oppose the Tax Bill and Protect the Arctic Refuge for Future Generations!

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Hello, my name is (first name, last name) and I'm from (town, Maine). As a constituent, I want to encourage Senator Collins to protect the Arctic Refuge from oil drilling by opposing the Senate tax plan. 

We have a moral obligation to protect our outdoor heritage and preserve this national treasure for future generations. 

Thank you for fighting to protect one of the world's last pristine natural places. I am counting on you to continue to defend the Arctic Refuge by voting against the Senate tax bill.