Save our National Parks from Trump!

The Trump administration just proposed hiking entrance fees to national parks like Yosemite by up to 180 percent. Outrageous!

All people deserve access to our public lands, not just those who can pay the increased entrance fees. The Department of the Interior is holding a comment period until December 22nd. Our goal is 50,000 individuals speaking out.

Add your name. Don't Let Trump price us out of our own national parks!

Tell Zinke: Don't raise our national park fees!


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As a constituent in your district, I am calling to urge you to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, and ensure that drilling for oil in this sensitive landscape is not included in the budget process.

The Arctic Refuge is one of our nation’s most iconic wild areas and cultural resources - it deserves to be protected for generations to come. Drilling in this national treasure would devastate ecosystems and communities.

I urge you to do all you can to enact the strongest possible protections for the Arctic landscape, its wildlife and its people.