Keep Big Oil and Utilities’ Handmaid Off the PUC!

Governor Brown’s appointee to the Public Utilities Commission, Cliff Rechtschaffen, still needs to answer the Senate’s tough questions about his role as Brown’s top aide on oil and gas before the Senate votes to confirm him.

Rechtschaffen has a long history of doing oil and gas companies’ bidding at the expense of Californians. He fired oil and gas regulators trying to make oil production safer at the behest of Occidental Petroleum. He opened up the Aliso Canyon natural gas storage reserve without revealing what caused its disastrous well blowout or holding anyone accountable. And he killed emergency regulations on a form of oil extraction more dangerous than fracking that uses acid to melt rock.

California deserves better. Insist that your Senator ask the tough questions and demand the answers. Then insist your Senator vote Cliff down.

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