Tell Transalta: No new fossil fuel infrastructure in WA!

Transalta's plan to replace its Centralia coal plant with a gas power facility is a betrayal of its promise to that community and to Washington State. With clean energy solutions widely available at a very low cost, there is no reason to continue investing in fossil fuel generation. Transalta's plans will add to the climate crisis, continue to contaminate our air and water, and create a huge mess for future generations to have to clean up. Businesses and local governments in Washington and all across the United States have already committed to 100% clean energy. New investment in fossil fuel infrastructure has no place here.

Transalta must look past fossil fuels and invest in clean energy solutions in the northwest. We hope Transalta will uphold its end of the agreement to shut down fossil fuel power generation in Centralia.


Shawna Stonum
Graham Gordon
Monika Guzikowska
Fiona Bennitt
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