Last week, the House Appropriations Committee debated a funding bill that has a provision that would severely weaken the Johnson Amendment. Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-NY) offered an amendment to strip the damaging provision from the bill. Unfortunately, Rep. Wasserman-Schultz’s amendment failed by a vote of 24-28. As this bill moves to the floor, now is the time to contact your Representative and urge them to defeat this attempt to cripple the Johnson Amendment.

We support keeping the Johnson Amendment because it protects the integrity of houses of worship and our elections. Current law ensures that houses of worship aren’t transformed into political tools by candidates seeking power. That is likely why the vast majority of Americans believe houses of worship should stay out of partisan campaigns. 

Trump and some members of Congress falsely claim that current law silences religious leaders. This is untrue—houses of worship, like all tax exempt organizations, can speak out about political issues. Houses of worship just can’t endorse political candidates or parties, and if clergy want to endorse candidates, they can do so in their own individual capacity.

Email your Representative today and tell them that you support the current law that prohibits houses of worship, like all tax-exempt organizations, from endorsing and opposing candidates. 

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