Tell Congress To Save Refugee Resettlement!

The Trump Administration announced devastating changes to the current U.S. refugee resettlement system. The executive order bans Syrians from the refugee program indefinitely, puts a pause of 120 days on the entire United States Refugees Admissions Program, provides preference to religious minorities from certain countries, lowers the number of refugees we welcome this year from 110,000 to 50,000, and enacts a 90-day suspension of all visas for nationals from Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.

A 120 day "pause" on the entire United States Refugees Admissions Program, which will force ministries that resettle refugees to lay off employees, cripple the infrastructure we have built to find homes for refugees who come, and potentially shrink ministries that the CRC has long supported.

God issues a call to his people: we are to welcome the stranger and defend the cause of the most vulnerable. This is a moment of critical importance. The Christian Reformed Church has a long tradition of welcoming refugees into our communities and congregations. This order could shut down this life-saving ministry -- a ministry which has marked our church for five decades. We cannot remain idle; in the name of Jesus, we are called to welcome the stranger as if it is Christ himself.

The U.S., especially the Christian community, has historically been a leader in refugee resettlement. By reducing refugee admissions from 110,000 to 50,000 this year, President Trump is breaking America’s promise to refugees and threatening America’s leadership role on human rights and refugee protection.

Congress must hear loud and clear that Christians around the U.S. oppose these actions. Urge Congress to speak boldly against this announcement and do everything in their power to see it reversed.

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Tell Congress To Oppose Actions Against Refugee Resettlement!

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“I am a constituent from [CITY, STATE], and I am calling to express my concerns about Presidents Trumps recent executive action against refugee resettlment. Refugees are among the most vulnerable people in the world today. We must remember that they are fleeing grave violence, not perpetuating it. Resettlement demonstrates the best of who we are as a nation. As a Christian, I have the moral obligation to welcome the stranger and defend the cause of the most vulnerable. Please speak out against this executive action and work to keep America welcoming.