Urge Congress To Reject Cuts to HUD Funding

The White House has asked Congress to cut the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) funding in fiscal year 2018 by 15%, compared to HUD’s fiscal year 2017 funding.


The White House has requested insufficient funding for HUD’s programs for the next fiscal year, 2018. Together, HUD’s programs help almost 2 million seniors afford their housing.

What’s at Stake

For fiscal year 2018, funding for HUD programs needs to be sufficient to preserve all existing HUD-subsidized housing and expand resources available for new housing.

Congress must reject HUD funding cuts and raise the federal spending caps so programs can receive needed increases not just to maintain current programs but to expand them so more older adults can be helped.

Steps for Making a Call

  • Dial into this toll-free number: 877-413-2313. You will be prompted to enter your zip code to get connected to your lawmaker and leave a brief message. Feel free to use the key messages provided.

  • The automated system will first connect you to your representative’s office. Leave a message with the staff person who answers the phone.

  • After leaving your message, allow the staff person to hang up and the automated system will then connect you to your senators.

Call TODAY and urge your representative and senators to reject HUD funding cuts: 877-413-2313

Adequate funding for HUD’s programs is one of LeadingAge's top priorities.

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