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Make sure your elected leaders know you won’t stand for more cuts to CPS.  

Chicago students make up 20% of the state’s enrollment and Chicagoans contribute 20% of the state’s income tax revenue - yet CPS students only receive 15% of the state’s funding.  Instead of more cuts to our classrooms, as Governor Rauner is proposing, CPS students should receive equal funding.


Please email, call, and/or tweet your elected representatives to tell them that you won't stand for more cuts to CPS, or a funding system that discriminates against Chicago's students.  

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As a member of the CPS community, I’m extremely concerned to see that your proposed education budget includes cutting CPS by another $74 million next year.

This cut, which comes after years of decreased funding to CPS, only sustains a system that funds Chicago’s children differently than other districts.  

Chicago students make up 20 percent of the state’s enrollment, Chicagoans provide 20% of the state’s income tax revenue - yet CPS only receives 15 percent of the state’s funding.  

That difference is nearly $500 million this year alone -- enough to save our teachers and our classrooms.

No more cuts.  No more discriminating against Chicago’s children.  It’s time to fund our schools equally.