Tell Gov. Scott: We need a reservoir that will actually stop the discharges, unlike the proposals given to us by the Water Management District

The Water Management District failed to properly design the EAA Reservoir!

The scientists say this project needs a lot more land to fix the problems.

Two sugar companies are leasing 18,000 acres of taxpayer land nearby and refusing to budge.

Tell Gov Scott to cancel the leases on our land, so the District can deliver a reservoir plan that will work!

Tell Gov. Scott: Cancel leases on 18,000 acres of taxpayer land immediately so we can have a reservoir that will actually stop the discharges!

*You'll receive a call from 786-655-9642 that will provide you guidance on what to say to your officials, and then patch you through directly to them.

Thank you for urging Governor Scott to cancel leases on 18,000 acres of taxpayer owned land and directing the Water Management District to deliver a reservoir plan big enough to do the job!

How about telling your friends and followers, so they can do the same?


Tell the Governor's office your name and your address in Florida.

·  Inform him that the South Florida Water Management District has delivered a reservoir plan that experts say will NOT work because it is not using all the land available.

·  Urge the Governor to immediately cancel the sugar leases and get the sugar companies off 18,000 acres of taxpayers’ land.

·  Remind him of the importance of the EAA Reservoir to you in reducing toxic discharges and getting clean water flowing south again into the Everglades.